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Ciao! I'm Okizia from arguably, ok definitely the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, St. Lucia!

In 2016, this island girl went on a study adventure to Italy for a year & was forever changed. I met some amazing people & discovered a world of cultures, traditions, histories, languages, food & architecture that spoke to me. I couldn't keep that all to myself!

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Life in the Caribbean-10 Reasons why I love St. Lucia

I can’t tell you how impressionata or flabbergasted people were whenever I told them that I was from the Caribbean, especially St. Lucia! Though a good bit had no idea where St. Lucia or the Caribbean is they had heard enough to always tell me “ma perchè sei qui, in Italia?” “mamma mia! Che bella! Un’isola nei caribe con le spiagge e sole” and so much more. Seeing their reaction was so touching and revealing. I traveled to explore their land - they want to travel to explore mine instead.

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Jounen Kwéyòl Celebrations in St. Lucia

No festival represents St. Lucian roots, culture & tradition as much as Jounen Kwéyòl does, especially now in its 32nd year. It’s our most favored festival that reminds us of our French heritage despite us being officially Independent of England in 1979.

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Glory Days & Tragedy


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